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Why Attend?

Why managers should send their team to the training/exam?

Over 1,000 members of our industry now hold the FIA certification having taken the rigorous exam - this industry recognised accreditation is growing in popularity and recognition. Many of these have gone on to bigger and better things within their own firms or in some cases in other firms. You will find many in the industry willing to vouch for the positive effect on their careers and on their ability to do their jobs better. Those holding the FIA or with staff who are FIA certified look to sending other groups through this positive experience. Staff development, team building and an overall increase in departmental performance are just some of the reasons managers are investing in the education of their people.

Why delegates should attend the training/exam?

It's a differentiator. Competition for jobs and promotions is tougher than it has been for many years. Holding the FIA certification demonstrates your commitment to your career and validates your knowledge of the key elements of market and reference data. Standing out in the crowd is one clear benefit, doing your job better and preparing you for the future is another.

Why this training/exam is especially pertinent for Vendors?

Many vendors in our industry, both large and small, have been investing in their staff by supporting them through this training and the FIA exam. Vendors are facing one of the most challenging competitive environments we have seen for many years. Having the best products and services are key to success but investing in your people who build, market and deliver those products and services is as, if not more, important. People make the difference; well educated people make more of a difference.


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