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Market Data Training - Day 1


1. Housekeeping and personal introductions

  • The Tutors
  • The Delegates

2. FISD and the Financial Information Associate certification

  • About FISD
  • The FIA Accreditation
  • Course objectives for the FIA exam

3. The Markets

  • Evolution of capital markets and securities trading
  • The role of financial markets today
  • Phases of the trade life cycle; Order through to Reconciliation

4. Participants in the financial markets

  • Sell side
  • Buy side
  • Inter-Dealer Brokers
  • Exchanges and the lesser regulated trading venues
  • Support Services

5. The internal functions of financial market institutions

  • Front Office

               o Research, Portfolio Management, Sales/Trading
               o Direct Market Access and Auto Execution

  • Middle Office

               o Risk Management, Pricing

  • Back Office

               o Clearing, Settlement and Custody

6. Market oversight and regulation

  • The supervisory landscape; the roles and responsibilities of:

               o The Bank for International Settlement (BIS)
               o Central Banks
               o Governments
               o Types of Regulation and the Regulators

7. Summary of major Asset Classes

  • Derivatives: In general

                o Futures, Options and Swaps

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Short-term Money Markets
  • The FX market
  • Commodities
  • More on Derivatives
  • Structured Products / Structured Finance

8. Market data sources

  • Contributed data
  • Exchange data
  • Vendor generated data
  • Data over the Internet
  • Data Ownership
  • Derived Data

9. Types of Market Data

  • What do we mean by Market Data?
  • History and other time series data
  • Valuations data
  • Indices
  • Credit ratings data
  • News
  • Messaging
  • Analysis and commentary
  • Research and Estimates
  • Fundamental data
  • Corporate Actions and Class Actions
  • Static Reference Data

10. Market Data Standards

  • Standards Goals and challenges for achieving STP
  • Role of the ISO
  • Instrument Identifiers

              o CUSIPs, RICs, Bloomberg IDs and ISINs etc

  • Business Entity Identification

              o The LEI

  • The Data Model for instruments

              o FIX and ISO 20022 dictionaries

  • Messaging Standards and Protocols

              o SWIFT Message types and FIX protocols

End of Course Unit


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