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Market Data Training - Day 3

1. Issues & Trends: The Markets

  • Why do market structures change?
  • The US markets Pre and Post Credit CrisisNMS and RegNMS
  • The EU markets Pre and Post Credit Crisis
    • MiFID and MiFID II
  • Overview of the Credit Crisis and its outcomes
    • Dodd-Frank Act and EMIR
  • Other Drivers for change, including Market Abuse and Rigging
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Islamic Banking
  • Challenges in Asia

2. Issues & Trends: The Data

  • The European Consolidated Tape
  • Big Data
  • ECB market utility for Securities Reference Data

3. Issues & Trends: The Technology

  • HTML5 & Web 2.0
  • Grid and Virtual Computing
  • Private Clouds
  • The HFT Debate
    • Did HFT cause the Flash Crash
    • Regulatory limits to HFT

4. Issues & Trends: Data Management and Vendor Landscape

  • Symbology Licensing
  • Derived Data
  • Data Piracy
  • SLAs

5. FISD/FIA Exam Preparation

  • Resources for Revision
  • Candidate Registration
  • The Exam Process

6. FISD/FIA Course Review

  • Sample Questions
  • Syllabus Walkthrough: Interactive Session

            1. The Markets

                  o The Role of the Financial Markets
                  o Major Classes of Assets
                  o Participants in the Financial Markets
                  o Role of Government, Central Banks and Regulatory Authorities
                  o Primary Business Functions and Responsibilities

            2. The Data

                  o Sources of Market Data
                  o Market Data Vendors
                  o Types of Market Data
                  o Standards
                  o Delivery and Display
                  o Uses of Data
                  o Commercials (Pricing and Contractual Terms)
                  o Market and Reference Data Job Functions

            3. The Technology

                  o Technology Basics & Terminology
                  o Datafeeds and Data Distribution
                  o Desktops, Central Applications and Associated Technology
                  o Development, Implementation, Management and Support
                  o Enterprise and Reference Data Management

            4. Industry Issues and Trends

                  o Market Regulation and Market Structure
                  o Commercial, Contractual, Economic and Political

            5. Appendix

                  o The Data & Service Providers


End of Course Unit


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